RELEASED: September 17, 2015
ARTIST: Richard Anthony Jay
LABEL: Burning Petals Records
PRODUCER: Richard Anthony Jay
Written In The Ground – Richard Anthony Jay

Not releasing any new music for four years, and then choosing to release just three new pieces, gives you some idea of how much a perfectionist Richard Anthony Jay is.

His 2009 debut ‘This Is What I Live For’ and the 2011 follow-up ‘Imperfect Beauty’, were variously described as “impressively composed” (The Skinny), “intricate and haunting” (MUSO), “notable for its maturity and grace … simply gorgeous” (Headphone Commute) and “an album of great instrumental dexterity” (The Silent Ballet).

This new E.P, whilst still bearing the beautiful melodies which sets him apart from his more minimal peers, is at times a darker, more ambient affair. Alongside Jay on Piano, electronics and processed sounds, the album features soloist Peter Gregson (Cello) and the return of players from Manchester’s HallĂ© Orchestra.

The title track – ‘Written In The Ground’ – was composed for London-based contemporary dance ensemble ‘Jack Philp Company‘ and commemorated the centenary of World War One.

“I’m not the fastest composer in the world” laughs Jay. “I prefer to not get involved with projects – film, dance, or whatever they may be – unless they give me the time and space to do my best work. Hollywood films, for example, routinely expect composers to write a 45-minute score in a couple of months: my last album was shorter than that and it took me three years !”.

Although it’s unlikely to be another multi-year wait for any new music, you can be sure that Richard Anthony Jay will be obsessing over every note before you get to hear it.

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